Have a Feast on Your Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia sits at the tip of North Africa, bounded on the west by Algeria and on the southeast by Libya. The land is a blend of desert, fertile soil, and Mediterranean coastline that attract tourists to its festivals, cuisine, and historical sites.

The Saharian Festival, which takes place in November, is a tribute to the beauty of the Sahara desert. Set in Douz, “the gateway to Sahara,” it features fun activities such as camel racing, dancing, and other desert traditions.

Revel in African music and dance at the popular International Festival of Symphonic Music, which kicks off during the month of July in the ancient El-Jem coliseum. Here, renowned classical musicians from all over the world shine as they perform against the majestic backdrop of the Royal amphitheatre.

Watch heart-rending classical drama at the Dougga Festival. Staged during the months of July until August, the festival is an excellent way to enjoy Tunisian culture and catch famous theatrical performers.

Mosaics are a testament to more than four centuries of Roman rule and make up a big part of the history and culture of Tunisia. Tunisia’s mosaic collections are considered cultural gems and top tourist attractions. The Bardo Museum in Tunis houses most of the mosaics, including the notable portrait of the poet Virgil and the Triumph of Neptune, one of the largest mosaics ever made. Other collections include themes important to Tunisian culture such as scholarship, the sea goddess, and hunting and gaming. These can be seen in the regions of Sousse, Carthage, Dougga, and Bulla Regia.

Tunisian cuisine also offers a glimpse of the interestingly rich culture of the country. Mloukhia, “a beef stew thickened with corete,” is a must-try Tunisian gourmet dish. Match it with coucha, an oven-baked lamb sliced to pieces and glazed with a sauce of olive oil, salt, mint, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. Other traditional dishes to try are ble ble (hot peas topped with cheese, tuna, chilli powder, or boiled eggs), brik (pastry filled with minced lamb, beef, or vegetables), and couscous (Tunisia’s national dish made of semolina wheat).

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