Has the Bermuda Triangle mystery finally been solved?

For many years there have been many questions surrounding the mysterious happening within the Bermuda Triangle. Ships and airlines alike have seemingly disappeared into thin air within this triangle, never to be seen again. But recent studies have shown a possible answer to all these unsolved questions.


The Bermuda Triangle, nicknamed the Devil’s Triangle, stretches Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico over to the island of Bermuda in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. The most recent loss in this region was on September 20, 2015 when SS El Faro mysteriously sank off the coast of the Bahamas and was later discovered down 15,000 feet on the ocean floor.

A recent discovery of craters off of a Norwegian coast in Barents Sea will hopefully lead scientists to explanations. Here lie craters that are 800 meters wide and 45 meters deep. One theory is that these were created by the buildup of methane in the sediments on the seafloor that eventually leak and “pop” through the seabed into the water above. This could then potentially suck various vessels underneath the water.

Researchers from the Arctic University of Norway recently told the Sunday Times that,“Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea ... and are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas.” They went on to say that, “The crater area is likely to represent one of the largest hotspots for shallow marine methane release in the Arctic.”

Details of this discovery will be released at the annual European Geosciences Union meeting in April. There they will discuss and see if these bubbles could actually be the cause of all these mysterious disappearances around the Bermuda Triangle.

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