Harveys Point special offers not to be missed

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Harvey's Point is a beautiful and unique 74 bedroom hotel hidden in the idyllic hills of Donegal. The hotel prides themselves on it's beautiful cuisine and traditional hospitality. The hotel has won many accolades in the past including the AA Hotel of the Year in 2008 which is one of the most prestigious awards in the hotel business.

Now that we have given you a little introduction we will take a look at the Harveys Point special offers.

Throughout the month of July they have a special online offer on their luxurious suites. The normal price for a night's stay in these suites is €134 per person sharing but with this great deal you can stay for €79 per person. This offer is only available if you book on line at www.harveyspoint.com or by e-mail on facebook@harveyspoint.com. If you are thinking of booking waste no time because at that price they won't be long going.

Here is another very good offer that might interest you. A three night stay at Harvey's Point which will include a cookery lesson, wine tasting, beautiful walks, and much more for €259 per person.

That is only a few examples of their special offers and there is many more trust me. You can view all these special offers by visiting their website on www.harveyspoint.com or alternatively you can talk to a member of their dedicated team on +353 74 9722208.

I don't know about you but the Harveys Point special offers sounds good to us so join us today and book a luxurious stay in Harvey's Point.




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