Need to book a Hamburg Lübeck Flight?

The ancient Hanseatic port cities of Hamburg and Lübeck have much to offer visitors, and the twin cities are now accessible from London Stansted. Ryanair currently operate the route to this airport, which lies around 3 miles south of Lübeck itself, and around 35 miles from Hamburg. So if you need to book a Hamburg Lübeck flight, here's your current options.

Ryanair's current flights from Stansted take around an hour and a half and cost as little as £12.99 for a one-way flight. Return flights, meanwhile, can be had for the bargain price of £39.99, including all taxes and fees, though you may be charged for extras such as excess luggage or early boarding. Ryanair fly from Stansted four times a week depending on seasonal demand, so make sure to fit your own schedule around current flight timetables.

Lübeck's medieval architecture, city walls and beautiful river make it a top tourist destination for Germans, and now us Brits are waking up to its charms. With winding cobbled streets, gigantic cathedral spires and atmospheric beer kellers, Lübeck offers old world charm with a welcoming smile. In order to get to Lübeck from the airport, simply wait for the Kiel to Lüneburg train. This stops at the airport and takes you to the town centre in a matter of minutes. Alternatively a local bus stops every 20 minutes and will take you into the heart of the old town.

Hamburg on the other hand is known for its big city appeal, waterside entertainment districts and lively social scene. This was, after all, the city in which the Beatles first made their mark. Furthermore, the German city used to be the world's largest port. In order to get from the airport to Hamburg, simply take the A1 Autobahn in your car, catch a connecting train from Lübeck's central railway station the Hauptbahnhof, or ride the A20 shuttle bus direct from the airport terminal.

When booking your Hamburg Lübeck flight, make sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid being hit by any extra charges. With Ryanair offering flights at a discount, going from Stansted to this airport makes for an inexpensive holiday option.

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