Halloween is on the horizon.

There is a certain speculation as to the origin of Halloween, celebrated on the 31st October, the eve before All Hallows (or All the Saints). Suffice it to say that, as of the nineteenth century, legend has it that it’s the night when ghosts and witches are at their most active and wearing costumes and masks will ward them off.

Add a little commercial interest and that human passion for dressing up and you have a holiday that appeals to children and adults alike, and nowhere is it bigger than in the United States. Halloween costumes are modelled after monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils and American cities are full of parades of fun-loving citizens dressed up in often outlandish costumes and sporting painted faces.

The party is huge in New York, reports The Telegraph, where a spectacular procession of monstrous figures parades up Sixth Avenue, from Spring Street to 21st Street. This year the parade takes place on Sunday, October 31, starting at 7pm, and as many as two million New Yorkers, many in fancy dress, are expected to turn out.

So if you want to celebrate Halloween in style and were thinking of visiting the Big Apple at some point this year, why not head for New York?

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