Top 5 Halloween Destinations in Europe

We have done some research on the 5 best Halloween destinations in Europe for you to celebrate in style. We only had 2 criteria: 1. Places that fit the traditions of the Halloween holiday and 2. Destinations that are highly affordable from the UK so that you don't spend a fortune getting there.

Scary Destinations for Halloween

There are no better Halloween destinations in Europe to kick things off than a trip to where the holiday originated all those years ago - Ireland. Traditionally Oiche Samhain, or the Eve of November, marked the last day of the harvest season. This night happened to conicide with All Souls Day on November 1st so when farmers held a party on October 31st, the spirits were said to be in attendance too. Take a trip to Dublin and experience a Haunted History of Dublin City Tour or a Gravedigger Ghost Tour. Check out BravoFly for some rock bottom flights from London to Dublin starting at only £54 return.

Paris is another great option with its close proximity to the UK and you can choose between flying, sailing or taking the train to help trim your budget. While in town make sure to take in the really spooky Père Lachaise Cemetery where you are given a map upon entry to help you find your way around the graves. The Paris Catacombs are also well worth a look given the time of year.

Prague is a spooky city at the best of times so this is even more true around October 31st. There are lots of things in and around the city to ratchet up the fear factor such as ancient looking headstones in the myriad of graveyards and a number of bone churches. Flights are easy to come by on Kayak from plenty of UK airports and return flights can be secured for just £130 this Halloween.

If you are not looking to go too far from home then London has plenty to offer this Halloween too. Take a visit to the London Dungeon, wander around by the Thames or take a Guided Ghost Tour of the city.

A Visit to Transylvania is a Must

But when it comes to Halloween destinations in Europe then your port of choice must absolutely be Transylvania in Romania. The name has an eerie ring to it and will be forever associated with Dracula and you can visit Bran castle where Dracula himself was said to have resided. To get there in an affordable way, fly in to Bucharest and take a train to Bran. Flights from London to Bucharest are available this Halloween from £160 return.

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