Half Term Hell Solutions

School teachers invented half-term so you could realize that your little angels are just devils in disguise. Now, you could deposit them in front of the goggle box for the week and then deal with the ADDH at the end of it all, or you could take the initiative and drag their carcasses out into the fresh air for such a week of culture that they’ll be begging to go back to school come Monday.

Chinese New Year is in full swing at the Coalport China Museum in the Ironbridge Gorge. Create clay model tigers at the drop-in ceramic workshops, listen to tales of the Chinese Willow Pattern, and meet Coalport's very own willow dragon, Fire Tongue! Ironbridge, tickets £6.75 adults, £4.50 children, under-fives free.

Alternatively, you could frighten their socks off with some of the ‘Horrors of London,’ with a visit to the London Dungeon's new experience, Bloody Mary: Killer Queen. Visitors are allowed into the 'private chapel' of one of Britain's most murderous monarchs, Mary Tudor, where she is burning Protestants at the stake. Perfect around dinnertime.

TheDungeons, Tickets £22.50 adults, £16.50 children, family tickets from £55 – which is worth an afternoon’s silence.

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