Looking for something different? Why not try gypsy caravan holidays in Scotland!

What a harsh time it was back in 2007. A person could say to themselves "my, how I long to take gypsy caravan holidays in Scotland." But unfortunately, that longing would never be sated, as such a thing didn't exist. In fact, the very phrase "gypsy caravan holidays in Scotland" would leave people confused and bewildered. "What the hell are you talking about?" they'd ask, scratching their poor heads in a futile attempt to understand. "What kind of mad geniuses would even conceive of such a brilliant idea as gypsy caravan holidays in Scotland?"

Luckily we live in the second decade of the twentieth first century, where the brilliantly mad geniuses of Roulotte Retreathave been hard at work! They carefully imported hand crafted gypsy caravans from France in order to set up their own personal gypsy camp in a Scottish meadow just below the Eildon hills. Located just 40 miles away from Edinburgh, Roulotte Retreat offer an accommodation experience unlike any other. Originally set up in 2008, they quickly attracted press attention with a write up in the Metro, which you can still see at http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/travel/854555-scottish-getaway-roulotte-retreat. This publicity has helped them go from strength to strength. From the starting point of an original two gypsy caravans, there's now six, with plans for more!

These gypsy caravans (or roulottes, to give them their proper names) take French artisans a six months to complete, and are then furnished with elegant fittings to ensure a amazingly unique, authentic and romantic experience to their guests. Prices start from £90 per night for a roulotte, and can be booked through Roulotte Retreat's website, which is found at http://roulotteretreat.com


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