Grubs up! Beijing Style

By about four in the afternoon, the traders at the Donghaumen night market in Beijing will be setting up shop and filling the air with the aroma of various fried animals. Touristy it may be, but if you go with an open mind and an empty stomach, you'll be richly rewarded at this evening market. Street snacks from all over China feature, from the tasty shredded lamb and coriander 'burgers' from Shanxi Province, to the dreaded scorpions on sticks from Shandong. And not a Labrador in sight.

To ready your stomach for the onslaught, warm up with some ‘Baozi,’ otherwise known as steamed buns. The Chinese usually eat these for breakfast, so you'll have to get in line with the locals at 8am to enjoy the best ones. About the size of a fist, the extremely light and fluffy dough keeps the filling piping hot until you take a bite. Fillings can range from pork to prawn and green vegetables.

By lunchtime you’ll be ready for a few ‘Chuan’r’ - basically a Chinese kebab that’ll set you back a whopping 5 pence a hit! There are literally hundreds of roadside barbeques selling these in Beijing, easily identifiable by the red neon signs, and an irresistible smell of spices.

Ignore the fact that there are no dogs or cats to be seen within sight of one of these stands.

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