Save huge amounts with Groupon holidays

On the off chance that you're not yet familiar with the discount site Groupon, we'll give you a little background on what it is and how it works before giving you the low down on how you can use it to make huge savings on your holidays and much more this summer.

Founded the United Kingdom in 2009, Groupon offers consumers a brand new way to harness the power of collective spending on the internet. They feature one major deal per day, and also offer a wide range of discounts for cities across the UK and Europe.

The difference between Groupon and other similar sites is that they make a point of only selling items they would like to buy themselves, this means that you don't have to put up with the usual cut price, sub-standard rubbish you seem to find on most other sites daily.

They also have a policy of transparency; ensuring that all the terms and conditions for listed deals are made clear to the customer long before they hit the "buy" button. In doing this, they are ensuring that they build a strong relationship centred around trust with their customers. And if there happens to be a problem with anything you purchase from them, you'll be able to get onto their wonderful customer service team at 0203 5100 410 during office hours without needing to wade through a barrage of automated menus.

Current holiday deals include a £299 package for seven nights' stay in the five-star Tunisian Vincci Taj Sultan Hotel which includes breakfast served daily as well as dinner. This particular package offers a staggering £422 saving when compared to the regular list price and is only available from www.groupon.co.uk. Flights leave from London, Manchester, Newcastle and the East Midlands meaning you'll have plenty of choice available on your Groupon holidays. Facilities at the hotel include jacuzzi, massage booths and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Another deal that might come in handy for your summer travel arrangements is brought to you in association with respected online travel agent ebookers.com, which offers all Groupon customers an 87% discount on a £75 holiday voucher - that's £75 towards your Groupon holiday for just £10!

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