Greenland: green, cold...and more cold

Colonised by various marauding hordes of horned and bearded gentlemen up for a spot of pillaging, Greenland has been exercising its (kind of) independence since 1979 (the marauders probably got bored and went to Brighton instead.) There are only about 60,000 locals and most of them speak Kalaallisut (don’t ask) and they all work with fish in one way or another. You could pay for the flights alone with a few bottles of Old Spice.

So if you happen to be bored between March and May this year then head up to Greenland just between the cold weather and the onslaught of mosquitoes. Spring is festival season on Greenland and it’s when the villages celebrate the return of the sun. This, truly is prehistoric stuff in a nice mid twenties heat and is something that you’ll never forget or likely want to.

If you want to catch the Northern Lights, which are well worth it, then head up around August when the average temperature is a sweet -20C!

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