Greenland: an adventure destination.

Tourism is growing in Greenland as the ice melts. Visitors are attracted by the idea of seeing the effects of global warming and climate change for themselves, reports the New York Times.

The most popular destination is the Ilulissat ice fjord. Home to the fastest retreating glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, the fjord has increased 6 miles in length over the last few years. It’s a 45-minute flight from Kangerlussuaq (a former United States military base) at the foot of the polar ice cap.

According to the time of year you can also cruise to the Ilulissat fjord, where you can watch the ice crack and fall. The fjord is full of breakaway icebergs from the bordering mountains of ice. There are also excursions to Disko Bay, including a visit to the Eqip Sermia glacier.

Warming Island, off the east coast, is perhaps the greatest visual evidence of global warming in Greenland. Discovered in 2005 by American Dennis Schmitt, it was originally connected to the mainland by ice and presumed to be part of the same mass.

Although spokesman Jesper Kunuk Egede, who promotes tourism in Greenland claims not to want catastrophe tourism of the, ‘Come and see it before it’s too late,’ variety, Dennis Schmitt thinks that’s part of the appeal. ‘There is something in human nature that likes to watch things die, a morbid curiosity of human beings. And I think there’s a touch of that’, he said.

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