Green holidays for 2010

If your New Year's resolution is to make sure there is some planet left to travel to then you could start with a rail and bike trip to Amsterdam. From 13 December it will be possible to reach Amsterdam in just over four hours from London thanks to the new high-speed line from Brussels. Check out raileurope.co.uk for more details.

Once you arrive get down to Mac Bikes, one of the city's largest bike rental agencies who run two-hour guided tours from Centraal Station East. Book at macbike.nl. Keep on the hippy trail with a gourmet meal at the stylish organic de Kas restaurant in Frankendael Park and a leisurely indulgence in the local green at one of Amsterdam's many cafes.

Or, for the full-on tree-hugging experience stay in a treehouse in Italy. At La Piantata, an organic agriturismo among the lavender hills near the old Etruscan town of Tuscania, green has gone luxury with their treehouse which is set in the dense foliage of a century old oak; there's a four-poster bed, bathroom, shower and terrace, and breakfast arrives via a pulley!

Check out lapiantata.nl and ask for Tarzan!

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