Get the best Greek holidays from Cork

Greece enjoys an amazing Mediterranean climate giving it the perfect combination of mild wet winters and dry hot summers. Ideal for summer holidays it is no wonder that millions of people all over Europe flock to Greece for their summer holidays.

Irish people are no different and now with more and more Irish holiday companies offering Greek holidays from Cork we take a look at some of the best options and how to get them.

With Greece suffering its worst financial problems in modern history tourist numbers are significantly down for the last couple of years but this has meant there are huge savings and offers for holiday makers willing to risk Greek industrial unrest.

Late Deals, the Irish price comparison website that scans the entire market for deals is a great place to start when looking for Greek holidays from Cork.

Using reliable travel partners like Sunway, Panorama and Thomas Cook the website is able to offer the best package deals. Destinations like Crete and Corfu give incredible options to travellers and because LateDeals.ie is a fully bonded and licensed traveler operator, holiday makers can book and travel with confidence. Ring them on (01) 6853015 for their latest offers.

Another option for travelers is HolidaysOnline. They offer a similar service and in some instances are cheaper than other websites. With a wider array of travel partners HolidaysOnline have access to deals that other travel operator do not. In a recent check we found a week for 2 in Crete departing from Cork for €299 for a couple. This involved all transfers to and from the airport and the accommodation was in a beautiful 3 star self catering apartment. You can contact them on (01) 764 0469 for their latest deals.

We heartily recommend these two websites to help get the best Greek holidays from Cork. Bon Voyage.

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