Greece Lightning

If you like boats, and beaches and all that the two entail you will probably find your perfect get away somewhere in the Greek Islands.

Paxos is an island on which to do nothing very much - hurrah. Somewhere between picking up fresh bread from the bakery, taking out a small boat to find an isolated cove for swimming and snorkelling or watching the magnificent sunsets before strolling down to dinner beside the sea, the island’s magic will weave its spell. There are too many beautiful spots in Paxos to list, but the sandy tranquil Mongonissi beach on the South of the island is not to be missed.

Loggos, (a charming fishing village on the island) is another spot perfect for fishing, sailing and lazing around, with a setting about as romantic as they come. A great place to stay if you find yourself in Loggos and looking for a two bedroom fisherman’s cottage for a few nights, is a two storey cottage owned by Panos and his wife Danielle, It’s been restored to former glory and sits tucked away behind a school house next to a harbour.

Loggos has a great atmosphere, bars, tavernas and locals and the seafood is second to none. Please go there, your life will be better for it.

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