Great Hotels in Ireland

Make your Ireland holiday as perfect as it can be; stay in any of our recommended hotels below.

Furnished with antiques and done in period style, Carrig Country House is the perfect place for lounging about in luxury and comfort; from your room you can look out into the gardens, the mountains, or the lake, or simply sleep in... the bed in the Presidential Suite is a king-sized, canopied one made of rosewood, and it belonged to an Indian Maharaja.

For your gastronomic pleasure, a highly-skilled and highly-awarded team of chefs are at your service, dishing out only the freshest meat, vegetables, and fish; a sample from the menu includes 'pan–seared veal liver served with wild rice, caramelised onions and mint essence,' 'roast guinea fowl with sautéed snow peas and sesame seed, thyme crème fraiche,' and 'roast rack of Kerry lamb on lentil du pay, smoked bacon and red wine jus.' There's also a large selection of wines.

A review from John and Sally Mckenna’s Bridgestone Guide goes like this, “There are few places that people seem to enjoy as much as they obviously enjoy Carrig.”

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Described as a 'charming Old World country house,'Carrygerry is an idyllic sanctuary a few minutes away from the Shannon International Airport; also within the vicinity are the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher, and the market town of Ennis. Dine in the Conservatory Restaurant, which has earned a reputation throughout the region for delicious food; as much as possible, only organic and seasonal produce are used. A peek into the menu reveals the following selections: 'steamed fresh mussels, in white wine, cream, and wild garden garlic,' 'pan-fried sirloin of Quin beef, red onion marmalade, glazed with Cashel blue cheese, red wine sauce,' and 'herb-crusted rack of Claire lamb, rosemary and red wine jus.'

Other top Ireland hotels include The Ross, Vaughan Lodge, Sandhouse Hotel, Coxtown Manor, and Ardtara Country House.

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