Great Hotels in Germany

On your Germany holiday, you’ll be stepping into a wonderland filled with palaces and world heritage sites. Book yourself into a great German hotel and make your stay more memorable.

Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg redefines the word “comfort.” Designed as a loft-style modern hotel, this place is your sanctuary after a tiring day. Relax in the lobby’s cozy atmosphere, and enjoy its open fireplace, oversized chairs, and walls that are decked out with earthy tones. Retreat to your room for some privacy, and enjoy amenities such as satellite TV, media connections, a telephone, and showers or a bathtub. Treat yourself to the hotel’s other facilities such as the sauna, the steam room, an Asian wellness spa, a bar, and a restaurant.

In the heart of the Black Forest stands Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe. Besides its fashionable address, the hotel boasts of exceptional facilities, such as the Bühlerhöhe Beauty & Spa Resort, with its distinct architecture and a wide range of products especially designed for your well-being. The pampering doesn’t stop there, though. Waiting for you on your spa rendezvous are amenities such as a swimming pool, a steam bath, a whirlpool, a sauna, a solarium, and a terrace. When you’re done at the spa, head back to your room and delight in facilities like the satellite TV, Internet service, and a mini bar.

Other Germany hotels include the Arabella Sheraton Grand in Frankfurt am Main, the Kempinski Bristol Hotel in Berlin, and the Maritim Hotel in Munich.

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