Great Danes Snag Global Eats Top Spot

When you think of Danish cuisine you might be forgiven for thinking of bacon and the kingpin of the continental breakfast: the mighty Danish pastry. Or at a push, that little dude made out of butter who couldn’t help himself from busting out a trombone solo, much to Penelope Keith’s annoyance. So it might come as something of a surprise to learn that Denmark is now home to the world’s greatest restaurant.

Noma, a two Michelin star restaurant run by 32-year old wunderkind chef Rene Redzepi has snapped up Restaurant Magazine’s coveted top spot for 2010, displacing El Bulli, the Spanish reigning champ. Noma serves up molecular cuisine Nordic style: think Heston Blumenthal up to his eyeballs in herring.

Treats on the current menu include musk ox, unripe elderberries and cabbage stem. Sounds like the gastronomic equivalent of chowing down on a Bergman movie: bleak but unbelievably satisfying. Wild Strawberries are extra. All of the restaurant’s produce is sourced from the Nordic region, ensuring the very finest ingredients the area has to offer are sent to the legendary Copenhagen venue every day. Such world-beating cuisine doesn’t come cheap, with a 7-course tasting menu weighing in at a wallet-lightening £150 before wine.

Already a destination restaurant before this latest accolade, Noma received a switchboard-melting 100,000 telephone enquiries in the 3 days after Restaurant Magazine’s announcement. Best get on the blower now if you want to get a table before you find yourself playing chess with the Grim Reaper.

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