Ryanair no longer offers a Granada flight: here are alternatives.

Granada flight

Ryanair sadly no longer offers a Granada flight from the UK to this wonderful Andalusian city, despite the fact that its flights were always full. The spectacular Moorish Alhambra Palace, the jewel in the city’s crown, draws tourists from all over the world, so if you want to join them, we have looked into inexpensive options for you to fly to Granada from the UK.

Iberia (iberia.com) is currently offering good deals from London Heathrow to Granada via Madrid. We searched their website and found a return Granada flight for just £179.40 including taxes and charges, departing on the 13th of October at 10.55 and arriving in Madrid at 14.25.

The connecting flight leaves Madrid at 16.00 and arrives in Granada at 17.05. Journey time is 5hours 10 minutes, but you won’t be bored when you stopover at Barajas’ super-modern Terminal 4 airport (exclusive hub of Iberia) as there is a host of shops and choice of eateries (including a tapas bar) to keep you entertained.

The return fight for this price leaves Granada on the 20th of October at 17.45 and gets back to London via Madrid at 22.10. Journey time is 5 hours 25 minutes. If you pay by credit card for this flight, you will be charged a fee of £4.50 per person. You do however get Iberia points if you are registered with Iberia Plus.

Another viable option is to choose from the host of budget flights on offer to Malaga from your regional airport then hire a car and drive the 125 kilometres to Granada, which takes around an hour and a half. If you want to stay within budget, you can get from Malaga to Granada by public transport.

There are now two direct buses from Malaga airport to Granada bus station leaving at 11.30 and 18.30 with a journey time of 2 hours 20 minutes. The fare is around 10€. There’s also a bus every 30 minutes from Malaga airport to Malaga bus station where you can catch a bus to Granada every hour. Go to alsa.es for further information and booking.

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