Gran chooses motorbike road-trip over retirement

For most pensioners, hearing the phrase 'riding off into the sunset' might be construed as a polite way of saying 'kicking the bucket' but for one hardy, fearless grandmother from Yorkshire, the next yen years will literally mean just that, the Daily Mail reports.

Having decided to sell her house in which she has lived for the past twenty years, 62 year old Sue O'Grady now wants to live life in the fast lane by planning a road-trip across most of the continents she has never visited:

'I'm itching to see the rest of the world now. I've virtually done all of Europe already, apart from Russia, but there's the whole of America to explore, and Africa and the Middle East and Australia to look at as well.'

The trip will take around eight to ten years, depending on how long Sue can make her money last and whether she will want to return to the world of pies, ale and cold English weather

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