Planning and Booking Gran Canaria Holidays

Don't plan Gran Canaria holidays without doing a little research first. Gran Canaria's 21 towns bring something unique to your holiday. Many travellers like to pick two or three towns and divide their holiday between the two. It's worthwhile to take the time to research the towns and decide what best matches your ideal holiday. Once you have this information in mind, start checking rates with tour companies. All rates are as of 2011 and are subject to change.

Air Tours

Head to AirTours.co.uk and find huge savings on holidays to Gran Canaria. Seven night self-catering holidays departing from Manchester, UK start at as little as ₤240 per person. The key to finding inexpensive beach holidays with Air Tours is to have flexible dates. Enter your destination, omitting the dates, and Air Tours returns a list of holidays and last-minute specials that help you save money on your holiday package that includes flights, hotels and transfers.

Cosmos Holidays

CosmosHolidays.co.uk arranges beach holidays and travel arrangements to exotic destinations. A week stay in Maspalomas costs ₤450 per person. Cosmos holidays include airfare from Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Manchester and nine other UK cities.

Thomson Holidays

Thomson.co.uk arranges holidays to many destinations, and Gran Canaria is one of their hottest destinations. They arrange holidays for singles, couples and families. A week's stay at the Orquidea Hotel in Bahia Feliz costs as little as ₤575 per person. Save even more by staying at Cay Beach Princess Bungalows where a week holiday starts at ₤350 per person. Booking online is the best way to find inexpensive rates. Package holidays include flights, transfers and accommodations.

The array of possible tour packages is endless. Make the most of your Gran Canaria holiday by booking online and searching for the package that fits your budget and ideal holiday plans.

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