Grab a bargain holiday in Greece.

If you didn’t plan a summer holiday this year and are beginning to regret it, don’t despair. There are still some great deals around that will help you get away from the summer drizzle and boring routine. Recent political instability in North Africa and Greece, together with the economic slowdown means there are some affordable deals around and a number of holiday firms have bargains on their books.

For example protests and strikes in Athens have discouraged bookings to Greece so it's possible to bag a bargain. Head for the islands where there’s likely to be little disruption. Greece specialist Sunvil (www.sunvil.co.uk 020 8568 4499) has over 25% of its Greek holidays still unsold, including the Anastasia Apartments in Samos, which cost £613 per adult and £588 per child for seven nights departing July 28, including flights, reports the Daily Mail.

Samos (pictured), is a verdant Aegean island with its own airport, given over to fishing agriculture and tourism, so you can enjoy a landscape of vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees. The beaches are simply fabulous.

Thomson (www.thomson.co.uk) is also offering a £350 discount per person on its package deals to Greece in August and there are last minute deals available with Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays (www.ionianislandholidays.com 020 8459 0777), who specialize in quality self-catering. With deals like these, why stay at home?!

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