Got yourself a Man Friday?

For total luxury, Inish Beg, (that’s Irish for ‘small island’ – just in case you weren’t sure you were on one!), a private island estate near Baltimore in West Cork, offers the ultimate escape.

As the last ferry of the evening pulls out, the trailing mooring ropes are like the umbilical chord to reality being cut. Now you can truly relax; enjoy the sea, the pints and the rain.

Its award-winning Boathouse is built of stone and glass and is set right on the water’s edge, perfect for those seeking total seclusion and privacy. Bankers perhaps!

The four-bedroom house has one double and three twin rooms, a large glass-fronted living area and a mega huge home-cinema system for when you’re tired of the view. There’s masses of decking and a super smart kitchen, plus all sorts of outdoor activities on tap, including power boating, wind surfing and sailing courses organised for you by the owners.

Prices run from €440 for two midweek to €990 a weekend for eight, depending on the time of year. For more details go to InishBeg.com

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