Gordon Ramsay opens restaurant in France

Gordon Ramsay, the man with more swagger, pomp and rampant indignation in his baby fingernail than most folk in their whole bodies - is taking on France. Ramsay reckons it's high time the French learnt to cook with half the testosterone and rage he brings to every plate, and has opened his first restaurant in Trianon Palace.

The humble pie maker couldn't think of anywhere better to lay his cutlery than a swanky hotel in the grounds of Versaille, because "a better playing field, of anywhere more difficult, more demanding, more sought after, more finicky, more fickle, or more arrogant" in the world could simply never be found.

While the French are suspicious of Ramsay's talents suggesting the brand may have overtaken the man, Gordy couldn't give a toss. "Do I look bothered? Do I f***!"' balked Ramsay in response to French sniping about how much time he actually spends cooking in his many ventures. Which we think was very restrained of him.

Lets hope Sarko and Bruni are quite as well mannered when they drop in for lunch - they live just round the corner from the new eatery.

Still, much as we'd hate to get more than a saucepan's hair from him in any of his kitchens, we miss Gordy and his testy rants from time to time...Check out Ramsay socking it to the hapless wannabees in this classic stateside rant. Monsieur Ramsey, c'est magnifique!

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