Goodbye superpower, hello Portugal!

Not many people know that Portugal is formerly one of the most powerful nations on Earth. A tyrannous ruler of the seas, Portugal once laid claim to many South American colonies. Now after decades of political unrest and social change the Portuguese lay claim to a thriving tourist culture.

Visit Lisbon, the country's capital which is so full of Roman history, from space it looks like a toga. You can get flights here through a really good search engine online called onetime.com. They’ll search simultaneously not just flights but also hotels. Lisbon is the Western most capital in Europe so the weather as you can imagine is just ridiculous.

If you fancy being away from the humdrum of a capital city (and it is very vibrant by the way) then go a little further West to the idyllic town of Cascais and check out the Farol Design Hotel. A hotel so slick it will make your eyeballs wobble with style overload. Built pretty much on the sea, rooms start at a very reasonable £110 pp per night and come complete with a complementary fruit basket and a bottle of Portuguese finest.

To find good deals on Portuguese hotels book through MrandMrsSmith.com A holiday in Portugal is always going to be sun soaked and some of the prices being offered at the moment really should not be sniffed at. A little bit of research pays dividends with trips abroad so just keep looking and an affordable red hot holiday will be just round the corner!

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