Goodbye Britgrot, hello Brit-de-Luxe

There are hotels and B&Bs lurking around every corner that are still loitering in the dark ages of BritGrot digs. Carpet tiles, freezing cold shared loos down the hall and food worthy of a Bushtucker Trial – if you really want to book in, there is no doubt a sex-oddity group on Facebook will be happy to meet you there.

If, however you have come to expect a little more from the UK’s hoteliers, then thankfully we’ve moved into the 21st Century with the likes of Hotel de Vin in Bristol. Leaving the Georgian townhouse remodel behind, the group’s bold warehouse conversion in Bristol is clubby chic and bistro dining with Egyptian cotton sheets and fabulous bathrooms – welcome Brit-de-luxe.

Or, if you’re going up north this year, then the ABode, Glasgow is where it’s at. A basement bar, Vibe, with separate street entrance, DJ booth, trancey lighting and loungey leather seats so you need never witness the street-level madness that is Hogmanay are on hand. Check out abodehotels.co.uk

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