Want good value holidays in 2011?

In these current times of economic downturn everyone has to look at their spending a bit more carefully, they will budget more and will constantly try to seek out the best deal for them rather than taking the first offer, especially when it comes to booking holidays. However, fear not because there are some fantastic offers out there and here we will show you the best in good value holidays 2011.

101holidays.co.uk have one of the best guides to good value holidays 2011 and it is well worth a look as they cater for all types of different holidays and here are just a few of them.

One of the best destinations for a cheap holiday is France where you can stay in a holiday park on one of the many stretches of majestic coastline the country offers. A week long stay at the Domaine de Kerlann starts at only £978 for an espirit holiday home. Domaine de Kerlann is a large village set among cycle-friendly woodland and packed with family activities for non-stop entertainment.

If you are planning on staying home for the Summer and jetting off in the Winter for some sun instead there are great offers but one of the more interesting trips is to The Gambia on the west coast of Africa. It is only a six hour flight and has fantastic beaches. While there stay at the Kairaba Hotel with prices starting at £485 per person. The holiday has a pool, two bars, three restaurants and a massage and beauty salon. These are just some of many good value holidays 2011.

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