Finding a Good Train Tickets Deal to Leeds

If you are planning to go to Leeds, it is advisable for you to do it by train. It is faster than bus, or even car, and you don’t have to spend too much money. There is a wide variety of offers in order for you to find a good train tickets deal to Leeds. Here you will find some of the best ones, so you can travel fast and safe for a few pounds. These deals are often offered via Internet on many websites.

Transpennine Express

Transpennine Express is currently offering a good train tickets deal to Leeds for an average of £20 depending on the place of departure. This deal is offered as promotion for the Leeds Music Festival 2011 and it is available until August 17th. From Preston and Manchester to Leeds, the ticket costs £19. If you depart from Manchester, the price is £15 and if you depart from Liverpool, the ticket will cost £21.


The website thetrainline.com offers a 43% discount off the total price for tickets between London and Leeds. Trains leave from King's Cross station each hour, so there are always tickets available. For June, the cheapest tickets to Leeds will cost around £35. Covering the distance between these two cities takes 3 hours, so your ticket entitles you to have a snack while traveling. Prices may differ depending on the current demand, so it is advisable that you check in advance for final prices.

East Coast

East Coast has economy pricing since it offers good deals for its standard class. Standard class tickets from London to Leeds cost an average of £10-15. This price will depend on the availability of tickets in a specific time. One thing you need to know is that standard class tickets are the first ones to be sold out, so you should buy your tickets in advance.

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