Gone to play golf at Nullarbor Links- I may be some time

Nullarbor Links golf course, Australia’s newest is a quaint little stroll at 860km in length! Between the tee and the red flag fluttering about 175m away there aren’t many bunkers, trees or rough grass. But there are potentially snakes, scorpions and poisonous spiders – not to mention the certainty of ruts and holes and natural sand bars, eucalyptus trees and piles of logs.

The Nullarbor Links, which opened last month, begins in Kalgoorlie, a gold-mining town in Western Australia and finishes 860 miles to the east, at the coastal town of Ceduna, South Australia. You can play it in either direction.

You drive on after each hole, stopping along the way for a spot of land yachting on the dry salt pans. Across the border in South Australia, there's whale watching where the Nullarbor Plain meets the Southern Ocean, and surfing at Cactus, one of the world's most renowned breaks.

You may not see Tiger Woods on the 18th, but no doubt there will be some other dangerous animals prowling around. For details on Nullarbor Links, visit www.nullarborlinks.com. To play, you need to buy a scorecard at the visitor information centres in Kalgoorlie or Ceduna for AU$50 (£28).

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