Golf holidays in Turkey

There are many countries around the world famous for their golf courses. Many people travel for beautiful spots to play golf, including America, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Scotland and Ireland. Turkey is an up and coming golf destination with new courses and some great sporting locations. Here we look at golf holidays in Turkey.

Antalya golf club

If you are planning golf holidays to Turkey you should consider Antalya golf club. Antalya golf club is home to the PGA Sultan and the Pasha course. Both courses were created by David Jones and the European Golf Design. Many of the holes in the PGA Sultan will have you thinking hard about the best shots to take. The Pasha is the same - even the most experienced golfers will have to consider each shot carefully or they will end up with a poor scorecard. There is a driving range available, and there are no rentable carts but there are rentable clubs. Only soft spikes are permitted and there is a pro available. These are both beautiful courses and worth the visit.

Gloria golf club

Gloria golf club is based in Antalya. It has three courses, the Gloria ‘old’ championship course, the Gloria ‘new’ championship course and the Gloria verde course. The Gloria old course opened in 1997 and is a very testing 18 hole course. It hosts many events. The Gloria new course opened in 2005, and is home to pine trees, lakes and nearly 70 bunkers. The Gloria verde is a 9 hole course that opened in 2001. It is one of the best 9 hole courses in Europe and quite difficult. They also have a driving range and golf academy.

Golfing in Antalya

If you are planning golf holidays in Turkey, Antalya is a pretty good place to go because there are so many courses around. There are several other good courses spread across Turkey and you'll find some real gems there. However if you struggle to play in the heat, maybe avoid summer months when temperatures can reach 43C.

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