Golf in France

Booking Travel and Accommodation

Price comparison websites are a great way to make a saving when booking a holiday for golf in France.

To find cheap flights, visit websites such as Opodo.co.uk and Kayak.co.uk while Cheap-hotel-finder.co.uk and Travelsupermarket.com allow you to browse cheap accommodation in France.

Enter your travel requirements, including varying the times and dates of your travel as well as looking at different locations in order to find the cheapest or most suitable possible holiday for golf in France.

Make sure that any French golf courses you wish to play upon are free and available during your intended dates of travel.

Furthermore, you should make sure you are able to access the course during your booked dates of travel, including details of any green fees you have to pay.

Booking Package Deals

Many websites, holiday companies and golf courses in France offer their guests the option of booking a package deal for their golfing holiday in France.

French golfing package holiday deals commonly include flights, accommodation, meals and access to the golf course or courses that are allied with the package deal that you are looking to book.

Price comparison websites for golf package holidays are difficult to find, so consumers looking to make a saving should visit various golf package holiday websites and note down the prices they can find.

Things to Check Before you Leave

There are several considerations to make for golfers travelling to France.

Are you going to take your clubs, for example, or do the courses you wish to play on offer equipment rental?

If you are taking your clubs, what is your airline luggage allowance and do your clubs achieve this weight along with the remainder of your luggage?

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