Sites to check for golf breaks in Scotland

Golf breaks in Scotland

There are few finer places on earth for a spot of golf than Scotland. It is the home of the game, and home to the gorgeous course of St. Andrews. It is a place of pilgrimage for golf fans of all ages, and if you are thinking of joining them, then let us help. In this blog we take a look at the best sites to check out for golf breaks in Scotland.

A large portion of the Scottish tourist industry is based around outdoor pursuits, and golf plays a huge role in that. The Scottish Tourism Board has set up a site to specifically deal with queries from people looking into Golfing Holidays, and you can find the site at golf.visitscotland.com. This site will give you the best recommendations for courses to tackle, and the best time of year to do it. It also has a selection of hotels to book that are officialy endorsed. It is a fantastic starting point on your search.

A site that offers a huge range of golf holidays for you to book is Golf Breaks at www.golfbreaks.com and their selection is well worth checking out as they have just about every Scottish hotel offering golfing breaks covered. They constantly run brilliant deals like half-price midweek rates and three nights for the price of two, so it is perfect for the budget conscience among us.

A final site we heartily recommend checking out is Golf Vacations at www.golfvacations.co.uk/. This site gets the thumbs up from us thanks to the fact that it allows you to custom build your own golf holiday.

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