Going to Scotland for holidays..Look at log cabins for accommodation

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Visiting Scotland for holidays? Experience log cabins, for the proper highland experience.  Read on to find out more


If you are interested in holidaying in Scotland, why not make the most of the county’s luscious and awe inspiring views and countryside.  To do this we would recommend availing of the many log cabin rentals on offer throughout Scotland.  Offering tremendous value for money,  coupled with nature at your doorstep.

As log cabins are predominantly self-catering, this allows you to plan your holiday around your own time table as opposed to anyone else's.  Log cabins are by their very nature situated away from the urban sprawl of the cities, making it a perfect get away for fishing, mountain biking, walking and hill climbing enthusiasts.

If all this appeals to you why not check out, www.theholidaylodge.co.uk, who specialize in log cabin rentals in the Dumfries and Galloway regions of Scotland. Prices in the off peak/ winter season range from  £245 for a full weeks stay to £170 for a short break.  During its peak seasons, prices range £415 for the weekly stay and £250 for a short break.   Due to its close proximity to Colvend Golf Club, these log cabins have become very popular with golfers.  Along with the golf water sports are available from the nearby Loch Ken Marina.

If you still fancy a log cabin holiday in Scotland but not necessarily in Dumfries and Galloway, why not check out www.logcabinsscotland.net.  This website acts as a hub for other more localised log cabin businesses.  This means they supply links and information about cabinsthroughout Scotland. So if you fancy a log cabin holiday but not sure of your preferred location, why not visit this site and browse for its  deals and prices that suit you best.

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