Going solo in the city.

Did you know that the number of one-person UK households has doubled since the early swinging Sixties? That means that the ‘family holiday’, while still an important annual event, is far from typical and that quite a number of single people are looking to take a break alone, often a quick hop to a bustling city where they can shop, learn about local culture and simply enjoy the buzz.

A number of specialist companies organise tours for solo holiday makers, but if you’re the independent type, worried that this might turn into the dreaded school-type trip, check out Friendship Travel (www.friendshiptravel.com, 0871 200 2035). The company offers city breaks for singles to Barcelona (pictured), Istanbul, Marrakech, Dublin and Dubrovnik, reports the Daily Mail. You’re totally free to choose what you want to do and how sociable you want to be, but there’ll be a trip host on hand to have dinner with and help with the language if you don’t like to eat alone.

If you prefer more support, Solitair (www.solitairhols.com, 0845 123 5515) offers fully escorted breaks for singles to Barcelona, Istanbul and Marrakech, and Just You (www.justyou.co.uk, 0844 567 8831) has just launched a city breaks brochure.

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