Going like a Boeing – fly to Oz

The best known carriers for flights from the UK to Australia are Qantas and British Airways. Flights leave from London Heathrow and prices in August start from £588 each way to Sydney. This price includes all airport taxes. This is a direct flight with just one short stopover in Bangkok for refuelling.

If you are looking for a cheaper flight however, it may be worth taking a look at the travelsupermarket website. There doesn’t appear to be too much variation in prices but the cheapest we have found for a return flight to Sydney from Heathrow in August is with Cathay Pacific and costs £1090 per person including airport taxes.

You may find a cheaper flight if you change destinations. Sydney is possibly the most popular Aussie destination and internal flights are cheap if you buy them once you are out there. The other cities have loads to offer and all give you a unique view on one amazing country.

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