Goa slick with oil ahead of tourist season

With the recent BP oil spill disaster becoming a distant, pre-Summer break memory in the minds of the British people, holiday-makers heading to the Goa, in the Western area of India will be brought face to face with another crude oil disaster as millions of 'tar balls' are washed ashore from an unknown tanker disaster.

Whilst ships and tankers are known to dump oil off the coast of the tranquil and serene Portguese-inspired landscape of the city, this mysterious off-loading of oil far exceeds what would be considered acceptable waster, the Daily Mail reports.

Some 2.5 million visitors head to the area every year and the peak season for tourists is usually October to March, with English, Israeli and Russian visitors accounting for most of the foot-fall.

'Scores of civic workers are using brooms to collect and clear the debris' but more of the chocolate-like substance is washing in onland, affecting the wild-life on some of the most well-known pristine stretches of coast-line, including the Colva, Candolim and Calangute beaches.

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