Go West Young Man - As Far as Galway...you'll never regret it

Look, if you’re going West (and that’s the West of Ireland) just don’t be an idiot – bring brollies, boots, goretex and anti-Atlantic wear. Otherwise, you’ll die – simple as that.

But don’t get the wrong idea – The West, and Galway in particular, is a cracking spot – leaves Dublin looking very much like what it is – a second class London.

Of course the summer (Ha, I’m only joking!- it’s really called, the less-than-winter) is the time to go whether it’s for the Galway Film Festival, Galway Arts Festival or the Galway Races, but summer (ha!) is gone now and, with it, all the annoying tourists.

This is my favourite time of the year for the West: the evenings are still long, there are less tourists, and having a smoke outside the pub won’t result in permafreeze to the face.

And what better way to spend your autumn evenings than in a pub, or better still, in loadsa pubs. Try Neachtains, Shop St. for the afternoon quiet one with the paper. Nip over to Claddagh as the evening wears in and have a few jars in The Crane Bar then round it off with some live tunes at The Roisin Dubh. For breakfast, there's nothing better than A Martini at The Lounge.

Oh, for cheap and cheerful, not to mention accessible, kip down at Jury’s of Galway - it will do the job just fine.

Aer Arran's () Luton-Galway service operates three times a day all winter, from £76 return.

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