Go to a fun Music Festival in Europe this summer.

Theme holidays are becoming increasingly popular with literary tours and film locations providing the inspiration to ‘get up and go’. But one of the lasting reasons to get people on the move are the live gigs that attract music lovers to events away from home, and this summer there are plenty! We’ve chosen just a couple of easy-to-get-to destinations that will have you humming as you reach for your credit card to book a flight.

Brussels Couleur Café Festival (www.couleurcafe.be) promises to be a blast this year. It’s an urban festival which offers the very best of hip hop, soul, funk, afro, reggae and latino music and will be held on the weekend of the 24th-26th of June in the industrial site of Tour & Taxis. Check the line up nearer the time but past artists include James Brown, Tracy Chapman and Jimmy Cliff. And it’s not only music. There’s also an international art exhibition, a clothes market, 50 food stalls from different places in the world, dance classes and marching bands. In fact everything you need for non-stop partying! Buy a day-ticket for €34 or an €88 three-day-ticket which includes camping.

Alternatively, book a budget flight to Copenhagen and visit Denmark’s Roskilde eco-friendly Festival (www.roskilde-festival.dk), which is billed to take place from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July. It’s one of the biggest cultural events in Northern Europe with four warm up days (starting on the 26th of June), four performing days and seven stages. Past artists include Bob Marley, Prince and U2. This year, amongst the 170 planned acts, Afrocubism, Iron Maiden, Kings of Leon and the Tallest man on Earth are set to perform. Rock on!

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