Go out on the Toon

Newcastle doesn’t have to mean drunken hordes of semi-clad hen nights with L-plates emblazoned across their ample chests or their male counterparts, the dreaded stag party. (Although if that is your gig then get thee to a cheap Eastern European country and leave the real Geordies in peace.) For the rest of us, spring is the ideal time for a Newcastle weekend.

If it's a family weekend, then older kids will love the ScienceFest (12-21 March; ), with exhibitions at museums throughout the city and the AV Festival of electronic arts, 5-14 March. avfest.co.uk

But the biggie of the year for something a little bit different is the illumination of Hadrian's Wall on 13th March when 500 gas-fired braziers will light the wall from end to end. Pretty cool. hadrians-wall.org

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