Go natural: naturist holidays for 2010

Much parodied and lambasted by the press, naturists get a (ahem) hard time most of the year round but when the sun is really making us sweat this Summer, you might be tempted to try out some of these destinations where you can really let everything just hang out!

Nudefest, Newquay

Based at Newperran Holiday park, this event - running from the 17 to 20 June - involves live music performances alongside a random array of activities, such as belly-dancing, juggling and war-gaming. There is also a swimming pool, games room, and play areas for the kids. Tickets are £50 to £75 for three days and you can either bring a tent or hire a caravan for £69/person (based on four people sharing.)www.newperran.co.uk

Seeboden, Austria

If the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (and maybe making you self-conscious), try the World Bodypainting festival in Austria, where you can strip off but then paint yourself, and then the town, red. In Seeboden in Austria, from the 12 to the 18 July, a magical, mystical ball will be held in the medieval castle in Sommeregg with fireworks, special effects and fantasy music galore: a sensory overload! www.bodypainting-festival.com

Naturist Sports Week, Hungary

Try your hand at any manner of sport at this international event in Hungary, from the 26 July to 1 August, and find out just how much faster you can be without clothes holding you back. With competitions involving running, table tennis and a tug-of-war, attitudes towards the events are earnest but also light-hearted. There is also a children's sports day. The prize-giving ceremony should be something to see! www.natours.hu

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