Go Barney in a Lake District Barn

Well, unless you happen to be visiting Cumbria during the floods – in which case you’ll be glad to get home again....And since a lot of the Lake District was washed away in the floods last year, there’s bargains aplenty to be had in accommodation.

But forget about the quaint farmhouse B&Bs, or soulless ‘Crossroads’ motels – Barning is the new camping for 2010. Barning basically does what it says on the packet. Guests sleep in a converted barn of which there's a whole slew of them across the Lakes, offering varying degrees of comfort from downright spartan to . . . well, let's call it cosily austere.

There might not be any straw bales and lambs bleating, but you’ll get a clean barn, comfy bedding and cooking facilities – just don’t forget to bring food. As a result of the tourism downturn, a lot of the local pubs have been forced into mid-week closing.

But, if you are there over the weekend check out the Scafell Hotel and sink pints of Jennings Bitter till your heart’s content. For information on camping barns in the Lake District, sleeping from eight to 18, visit lakelandcampingbarns.co.uk. Barns cost from £5 per person per night, and are dog friendly too.

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