Global snacks to make your mouth water

The chances are that not all of us have had the pleasure of dining in an expensive restaurant in the capital of each city we have travelled to, tasting the finest cuisine made from traditional foods of the region. What we do all have in common though is having stopped off at a street-corner to grab a bite from a food seller, giving us a great opportunity to experience food available to everyone. Here's to three great global snacks:

Pirozhki, Moscow

You would expect Russia's food to be solid and fortifying on a cold, artic night, and with Pirozhki, you wouldn't be wrong. Filled with basic but tasty ingredients such as rice, meat and onion (not forgetting the unmistakable cabbage), this pie-inspired snack does well to soak up some of last night's dodgy vodka.

Churros, Madrid

With its name originating from the long horns of a certain type of Spanish sheep, these moorish sweet bites are a thin kind of doughnut that are fried and then dipped in deliciously thick melted chocolate. Do not be fooled: churros are eated by all ages, not just children fresh out of school for the day. Southern Spain also boasts a smooth variation of this treat.

Gyros, Athens

Fortunately, Greece's answer to the kebab does not involve late-night revellers or pub-goers stubbling home, hands stained by garlic sauce and oil. This version involves the usual kebab style of preparing meat for cooking on a spit, before it is placed within an open pita, accompanied - suprisingly - by chips. Serve with chilli and tzatziki for the full Grecian experience.

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