Glimpse Paradise at Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay rests on the Andaman Sea between Phuket and the Malay Peninsula, enticing tourists with its beautiful islands, sheer limestone cliffs that rise up from the clear emerald water, and mysterious caves. It is home to several endangered species, the site of archaeological discoveries, and the perfect destination on your Phuket holiday.

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The two most popular attractions are James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi. Two leaning hills make up James Bond Island, also called Ko Khao Pingkan, which was featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Explore the extraordinary water village Koh Pannyi, the Sea Gypsy Island. The entire village is built over water on stilts, with a giant rock monolith as an imposing backdrop. This is a bustling community of restaurants and trinket shops during the day and a quiet fishing village at night. Stop at the Thai Muslim fishing village of Koh Pan Yee for gifts that include jewellery and seashells.

When the sun sets, join the Hong by Starlight canoe tour and enjoy the sights without the bustle of huge crowds. Explore the caves, then watch the sun set, and stroll across the rest of the bay under the stars. A licensed tour leader guides the entire tour, which includes land transfer in an air-conditioned vehicle, dinner and snacks, the cave entrance fee, and insurance.

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