Glenton Cruises - an intelligent holiday decision

When one thinks of a cruise they might picture an elderly couple finally boarding a ship after years of saving to book an ocean holiday. Glenton Holidays has cruise deals that do not cost a small fortune though.

While a cruise may seem like a rather expensive holiday option there are many benefits to Glenton Cruises that may actually help save money. They offer very competitive insurance rates as well as a selection of prices based on which cruise you choose.

When travelling on land you have to choose from an assortment of hotels, some of which may need to be less comfortable in order to save some money. Whereas with a cruise you should know what your accommodation will be like for the entire trip.

Once a cruise is booked there is no more of that holiday stress such as flight transfers or exchange rates. Everything you want from gyms to bars will be available on the cruise liners.

Unless you want to do some shopping on land everything on board can be paid for using Sterling. With land holidays payments are needed for flights, accommodation and food. A Glenton Cruise can cost as little as £400 and you get accommodation and meals included, there is even an onboard entertainment programme.

The Scotland based holiday company’s cruises include a range of destinations including Britain, Ireland, the Canaries, Scandinavia, Russia and the Mediterranean. While you can go on land to explore the destinations that you have chosen you also get to experience the majestic excitement of being on the open sea, not cooped up in a claustrophobic aeroplane with a face-sized window to look out of.

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