Glasgow Scotland (Gla) to Faro flights for those Algarve breaks

The Algarve isn't all about golf, villas and retirement communities. Hop on Glasgow Scotland (Gla) to Faro flights and explore some of the less-developed stretches of the Portuguese coast.

EasyJet (www.easyjet.com) has direct Glasgow Scotland (Gla) to Faro flights all year round. Fares start at £25.99 outbound and £24.99 inbound including taxes and charges, making it possible to book a return flight for just over £50, if you are flexible with your dates and book well in advance.

Jet2 (www.jet2.com) advertise a one-way rate of £29.99 including taxes for Glasgow to Faro direct flights on their website. These fares are a little harder to find, but if you are booking in advance for next year, it should be possible to find the lowest rates.

Thomas Cook (www.flythomascook.com) and Thomson (www.flights.thomson.co.uk) also offer direct flights to Faro from Glasgow. Their fares tend to be higher than the budget airlines, but might be ideal when booked as part of a package holiday with accommodation included.

On arrival in Faro, it's easy to find your way to one of the resorts along the central stretch of the Algarve. If you want a holiday with a more atmospheric sense of this ancient region though, it pays to go further afield.

Towards the Spanish border in the east, the unspoilt town of Tavira has a charming clutch of fish restaurants along its river quayside. After lunch, take the boat out to the pristine strand of the Ilha da Tavira beach.

Heading west, encounter the medieval ports of Sagres and Lagos, the region where the great 15th-century explorers set out to discover the New World. Beaches here, and north of Cape St Vincent, are wild, with Atlantic breakers attracting surfers from all over the world.

For information on cultural events, markets, shows and travel advice, consult www.algarvenet.com, which can also advise on any local conditions that might mean disruption to your Glasgow Scotland (Gla) to Faro flights.

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