Glasgow hotels; we have found a great one! - Darren

When it comes to Glasgow Hotels you really are spoilt for choice. They have loads dotted all around Glasgow but if you want something really great for low cost, you might just need out help.

While there are some really great high cost hotels it can be hard to get a decent low cost without it being a dive. That's not to say they are all bad though, we have found a cracking hotel that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Best Western is a name that will be know to just about anyone that stays in hotels. They are a well know hotel chain that have thousands of hotels across the globe. They are famed for low cost accommodation that delivers on quality and comfort. These are all over the U.K so yes, there is one in Glasgow.

You will be situated just minutes on foot from Sauchiehall Street and you also have everything you need, shopping, transport, all close by. This is a stylish hotel that has really set itself in a modern theme. Although the hotel is ultra-modern it still manages to remain warm and inviting this is common among Glasgow hotels.

The rooms are welcoming and the beds are queen sized to ensure maximum comfort. Each room comes with an ensuite and has a television with satellite so you can kick back and relax in the evening.

This hotel is everything you could want for a stopover in Glasgow. Cheap, quality, comfort, what more could you want?!

(photo © Flickr)

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