Give Benalmedena a wide berth, visit Murcia

O.K. so you could go to Benalmedena on the Costa Del Cheesy by the Sea stay at the Torremolinos Towers in blocks either 1 or 1001, or anywhere in between – or you could nip up the coast to Murcia.

Ryanair offer return flights from £20, including taxes, from five UK airports. Stay in the historic heart of the city - the perfect spot to head out on your artistic forays - at Arco de San Juan , a former 18th-century palace with bargain doubles from £33.

And while there you could grow a goatee beard (men only) and don serious glasses to study Estratos works by international and local artists. With echoes of our own Turner Prize, they include a pile of rubble, built from the remains of a demolished house, a plaster cast of a dog trapped in Pompeii's volcanic eruption and a tunnel that will be gradually filled in over 20 days of performance art by its two occupants.

Now, to return momentarily to Benalmedena - you can have the pie and chips again tonight or how about the lambs' kidneys in sherry or pigs' trotters and white beans at Rincón de Pepe (+968 21 2239) or the aubergine with serrano ham at Acuario (+968 21 9955)? Now that’s definitely not Costa Cuisine.

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