Give all things Green a miss this year with a party in the Snow

Forget summer festivals, these days it's all about partying in the snow. And no better time to do so than when every other fool on the planet is claiming Irish ancestry, a green wig plonked on their head – if one more person pats you on the back and roars Begorrah into your ear, claret will be spilt.

Now, on the other hand, you could head for Andorra, that country no one claims to come from – is it really a country? - where between 14-21 March headliners such as DJs Calvin Harris and Eddie Halliwell will be pumping out the tunes, with cracking sets from Judge Jules and Micky Finn promising to keep you warm.

The all new Big Snow Festival in Arinsal promises to be a good one – check out thebigsnowfestival.com

Or, if like Fatboy Slim, you can’t get out of Rehab until later in the year, then you’ll have to settle for Snowbombing, the original and biggest ski and music festival, which runs from 5-10 April in Mayrhofen, Austria. Check out www.snowbombing.com for more information.

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