Find out where you can book your cheap Girona flights from the UK .

Heading to bustling Barcelona this holiday? Lucky you! On a tight budget and concerned about the price of your airfares? No worries, we have the info right here and waiting for you!

Barcelona has two main international airports, Barcelona and Girona. The former is most popular with the traditional airlines, whereas the latter is a favourite with the low-cost companies. So, if you are looking to save a few quid on your airfares, we suggest that you book Girona flights from the UK.

Who offers Girona flights from the UK? One famous economy airline is Ryanair. This Irish-based airline flies to Girona on a regular basis from a number of UK destinations. These include London Stansted, London Luton, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, East Midlands, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow. A handy hint: be mindful of Ryanairs strict luggage limits. If you exceed their baggage restrictions you can be hit with some hefty charges.Make sure you check their website for more information.

Another airline worth checking out for cheap flights is Thomson Flights. These guys also cover the UK to Girona flight path, however they only depart from two UK cities: London Gatwick and Manchester. So, if you cannot find any suitable flights with Ryanair, at least you can extend your choice of departure city by a couple more!

It is important for you to know that Girona Airport is located about 92 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona, about one hour by airport shuttle. Bear this in mind when organising your travel plans, so that you allow yourself enough time to get from the airport to your Barcelona destination.

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