girly weekend city breaks

Want to go on girly weekend breaks for some fun with your friends or to just relax and pamper yourselves and hit the shops? There is some great cities to visit that can offer you both and that will have something for everyone who goes.

Flying to Brussels in September for a weekend can cost from just €80 with www.ryanair.ie

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, it offers lots for the girls who want to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, pamper themselves and shop till they drop! Brussels' has many cultural influences with much charm and sophistication. Exploring this dynamic city can be very interesting as it has alot of history in it. Make sure to visit to the city's central square which is surrounded by guildhalls, the city hall and the King's Palace. Take strolls down side street where you will find some of Brussel's most famous landmarks. Go shopping in Galleries Royales St-Hubert, Europe's first covered shopping centre which opened in 1847 and now has 55 up market stores which has everything you are looking for from books to clothes. Sample some of the world's famous chocolate in the Chocolate Museum.

Staying in Brussels at the 2-star Albergo Hotel cost from just €46 per night per person. It is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the capital. Hotel staff are there to assist you with any needs you need and even help you with where you want to visit and what you wish to see. Facilities include: TV, 24-hour reception, Wi-Fi, telephone and wake up call. The website is: www.albergobeirut.com

Wanting exciting girly weekends breaks with your friends, want to meet new people and party all night long and lounge on the beach then Ibiza is the place to go. It is young and vibrant and full of fun and adventure. Flying to Ibiza for a weekend in September with can cost from €170. Visit www.aerlingus.ie.

Ibiza has so many fun things to do for your girly weekend break away. During the day you can go sightseeing, diving, go on mountain bike tours, boat tours even hire your own private charter and explore the islands and live the dream. Visit: www.ibiza-spotlight.com/formentera/cruceros-private/

Ibiza is known to be the party capital of the party capital of the world. if you are an all-night party animal Ibiza is the place to go, from March to October there is parties every night. Whatever type of nightlife or entertainment rings your bell, you can find it somewhere here.

Staying in Ibiza can cost from only €15 per night staying at a hostel or €28 at Hotel Orosol which is located centrally. Breakfast is included along with Wi-Fi, luggage storage, laundry service, 24-hour reception, TV, air conditioning, and car park. The hotel is just 20 kilometre from the airport, 15 kilometres to Ibiza town and has all the best bars, shops and restaurants located nearby. Visit: www.orosolhotel.com





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